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LDR Events Solution is a group of event organizers of young, energetic and creative professionals whose aim is to deliver an exceptional event applied through proven best practices by experts with deep knowledge in the wedding and debut industry. We aspire to provide a differentiated customer experience and operational excellence to all our clients. We also accept various kinds of events such as organizational, socio-cultural, leisure and such others.

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Meet The Team
  1. Mary Lucette Dela Rosa
    The Managing Director, LDR's host, featured in Channel 2 Rated K, hosting is her passion. Making couple's day memorable and unforgettable is her goal.
  2. Allan Dela Rosa
    The Marketing Consultant, official stylist of LDR Travel and Events Solutions.
  3. Karen Vega
    The CEO of LDR Travel Solutions. Works in an airline company for more than 10 years.
  4. Jennifer Roberts
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