Complete Wedding Checklist

Weddings are great manifestations of love.
Weddings sum up all the ups and downs of a couple in one great celebration with family and friends, letting everyone share in on the commitment that they will be witnesses to each other's joy and fears, happiness and sadness for the rest of their lives.
Sounds blissful, I know (though terrifying for some who's still afraid to commit, hehe but that's another story) but to have a great wedding comes with great planning. So here's my wedding checklist practically laid out for you in black and white. And yeah, don't be surprised, it has to come to this. Some of you are not so keen on the details when it comes to planning and want to stay in cloud 9 until your wedding day, give this to your planner then if you'll get one. But to those of you who want to prepare for everything and get your hands dirty on planning your wedding (like I did on my wedding), then you need this. And of course, if you want to add some more of your own details to make your wedding unique, go ahead, after all your wedding is one of the most important and biggest event of your life and I'm not just talking to the bride here but to the couple. So buckle up bride and groom and take the first ride of your lives.   

Birth Certificate, secure from NSO to make sure (P150-P200 per person)      
CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) from NSO (P150-P200 per person)
Marriage License (valid for 120 days, P250) process this within 120 days before your wedding date at the Civil Registry of the City you will get married after filling up your personal information (both parties)    


You will be asked to attend the following seminars before you can claim the Marriage License Seminars to be attended by the couple: Family Planning Seminar (a whole day seminar at the City Health Office) Attend a Seminar For Catholics: Baptismal Certificate with the phrase “free to marry” P50-P100 (per person) This is secured from the church where you had your baptism Confirmation Certificate P50-P100 (per person) This is secured from the church where you had your confirmation, if you were confirmed at school, take note to what parish is your school under. Marriage Banns – P500-P1000 (per person) Marriage Banns are usually what you hear during mass as “tawag sa kasal” called 3 Sundays in a row Church Approval (payment included in the marriage banns)

Contact us for the complete and  wedding checklist. Details below.
A couple getting married in a church they do not belong to will need to secure an approval from their local church; this is usually given after the marriage banns have been called For other religious denominations: I still have to acquire information Preparations Here are the major stuff you need to prepare: CHURCH , RECEPTION , PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEO COVERAGE.
   Most churches have their wedding schedules set on Saturdays, better check with your preferred church as to their schedules. - You can book both schedules so as to have the church all to yourselves in the time you want your wedding but pay twice the normal church payment (like if wedding skeds are at 8am and 10am but you want a wedding at 9 am, or 2pm and 4pm and you want a 3pm wedding mass) - Do reserve a church for your wedding before reserving your wedding reception as hotels/restaurants will not let you reserve at their hotel/restaurant if you have not reserve your church first.

    Most hotels/restaurants have wedding packages. Ask for copies/brochures of their packages. Most packages include the wedding rituals (bell & dove), a room for the couple before or after the wedding. Some packages include a bridal car and a free accommodation for the bridal shower which you can ask to be used before or after the wedding. - Wedding packages start with 3 viands, rice, a dessert and a softdrink. Price starts at P285 per person; the more viands, the higher the price (that’s usually the difference in price of food per person, the other inclusions in the package remains the same) - Hotels/Restaurants has corkage for lechon exceeding a certain number but other food brought is not usually charged (like desserts, fruits, additional viands and wine)     
   â€‹If you know a photographer, do prefer them since they always give you a lower fee than the ones you don’t know (obviously) and if you want to be practical, you can do away with the video coverage since people usually look at the pictures. If you must have a video coverage it is better to have an onsite video cover which is usually shown at the reception. - Most photographers nowadays have wedding packages too starting from P25,000. This package usually has 2-3 photographers depending on the popularity of the photographer you contacted. This price does not include the video coverage and the prenuptial coverage. Prenuptial coverage is P1,000-2,000 depending on location and number of photographers.